‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’ episode 10 review: Rainstorms and another blindside

Survivor -It is not often that the weather takes center stage for an episode of “Survivor” anymore, but that is precisely what happened at the start of Wednesday night’s new episode. The rain was so bad that it almost completely eliminated strategy, which is why Jeff Probst (a.k.a. the producers) decided to make everyone an offer: If five people decide to not take part in the challenge, they’ll get a new shelter. In the end, everyone other than Keith and Joe did it … and of course Joe won. By the way, Abi-Maria’s reaction to Joe claiming that he was thinking about dropping out is probably our favorite Abi moment in her two-season history on the show.

We’re glad that everyone got a new shelter, mostly because watching people cry is not compelling entertainment. Our heart really went out for Stephen in those moments, mostly because there’s nothing worse than being wet, cold, and also sick.

Let’s get into the strategy in this first episode of two tonight, mostly because this was really interesting. Stephen really wanted Ciera out; meanwhile, Spencer was the person pushing hard to vote out Stephen, thinking that this was the right time for it. We personally are in the camp right now that Ciera is just too good to leave around, but the problem here for Jeremy is that while he wants Stephen to say, is it worth using an idol to keep him? He’s got two of them, but he could need both of them down the road. Stephen has his advantage, but he seems intent on holding onto it.

Well, Jeremy officially has some serious guts, playing his idol for Stephen and allowing Ciera to get voted out instead. It’s pretty crazy that this is just the first hour of the episode, isn’t it? Usually you don’t get vote-outs this entertaining in a two hour event! Grade: A.

A few other odds and ends:

1. Keith was wonderful entertainment during this episode. Wonderful!

2. It was nice to have personal moments from Ciera and Kimmi talking about their families. It’s a huge part of their story, but hasn’t been featured much.

3. Jeff actually seemed to feel sorry for the group.

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