Thanksgiving TV: Giving thanks to ‘Girl Meets World,’ ‘South Park,’ ‘Master of None,’ and other comedies

Thanksgiving is coming up in just one day, and of course that means plenty of opportunities to kick back, look at life, and start to realize some of what you are so grateful to have. Of course, there are so many things to be appreciative for in life, far more than we could ever post here.

Since this is a TV site, we’re happy to post instead about some of the many things we’re particularly thankful for within our favorite medium. Yesterday, we shared our first piece of this series focusing on some of the great dramas that we’re feeling thankful for this fall, and now, we’re taking a look at comedies. This may be the first and only article ever to be mentioning “South Park” and “Girl Meets World” in the same breath, so be prepared.

The Big Bang Theory – For giving us a few vulnerable Bernadette moments this season. She’s the one character we want to see fleshed-out further at this point. If the show is going to just get together Sheldon and Amy again without making him really come to terms with his mistakes, we’d also be thankful if they just get it done sooner rather than later.

Master of None – For being one of the best new shows on TV period, really regardless of the genre you’re talking about. It’s thought-provoking, funny, and in a voice that feels very modern. We understand that the “Louie” comparisons are there, but we appreciate that it is a somewhat lighter (but still cynical) view on the world.

Girl Meets World – For ordering so many episodes this season, since it feels like there’s never been too long a hiatus that keeps us agonizing over when it is coming back. We may be near the end of its run in 2015, but there is still “Girl Meets the New Year” in December.

South Park – For somehow managing to be even more daring this season, and giving us a story that has one major through-line to it. Also, PC Principal. There may not be a better satire right now on the culture in America right now, when so many are easily offended over everything.

Fresh Off the Boat – For showing that you can be a network family comedy and be somehow still edgy, different, and thoroughly entertaining. It’s one of those sorts of shows that could really benefit from having an even larger audience … here’s to hoping that it finds it soon!

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