‘The Walking Dead’ season 6, episode 9 review: No Negan, Rick the walker slayer, and one eyed Carl

CarlIt has been a while since we have had new episodes of “The Walking Dead” season 6, but we are back tonight after a long hiatus to find out what happened to our survivors. When we last saw Rick’s group, they were covered in walker guts and trying to move there way through the walker horde to get to the armory, but Jessie’s son started talking… will this attract the walker’s attention? We also heard the first murmurings of Negan as Daryl, Abraham and Sasha were getting their supplies taken from them. This is a big episode so let’s dive in.

We started tonight’s episode right where we left off – with Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham dealing with Negan’s men robbing them. They also want the trio to bring them back to Alexandria and show them where they live, but when Daryl blows them all up with a rocket launcher we couldn’t help but cheer at our TV’s. Unfortunately that’s all we get on this storyline for the rest of the episode, but there’s still much more action to come!

The whole cliffhanger of Sam talking in the horde turned into a big fat nothing. He put on his big boy pants and helped his mom get through the mob, but his fear got the better of him and he got eaten by a walker. Her screams attracted the walkers and she was taken as well, right in front of Rick, which pushed her other son into pulling a gun on him. Michonne was able to save Rick, but Jessie’s other son was also eaten by walkers. These were not the only casualties of the night though, as Jessie’s kid shot Carl’s eye out!!!!

Denise’s captor gets bitten in the arm and she makes a deal with him that if he gets her to the infirmary that she will be able to save his life, but as they are moving through the horde, Carol shoots him and Denise makes it there safely – and just in time too since Carl has lost an eye. Rick is fired up from Carl getting shot and runs out into the walkers and just starts slaying everyone! The rest of the survivors decide to join him and try to take Alexandria back (even Morgan was killing them). Just as things are looking bleak for the survivors, Sasha, and Abraham show up with an arsenal and take out every walker they can see, while Daryl creates a distraction (more fire) allowing our survivors more time to take back the town.

There are those out there that have complained that the Walking Dead can get really slow at times, but tonight’s episode was all action from start to finish and they actually made us feel like someone important could die. Even though no big characters died tonight (unless you incline Jessie, but many fans weren’t that into her into begin with), we did have Carl lose his eye and that was big! Episode grade: A

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