‘Supergirl’ season 1, episode 5 review: Maxwell Lord’s true intentions

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With Kara and Alex learning the truth about their father and the DEO on last week’s episode of “Supergirl”, they have decided to make it their mission to find out the truth about what really happened to him. Did he really die while working for them or did something else happen?

Well, you’re going to have to wait for that for another week, since the show pretty much hopped back in time Monday night to focus on a story that was originally going to air last week, but switched around because of the Paris attacks. What did we learn through this episode? Mostly that Maxwell Lord is a bad dude, and that he wanted to test Supergirl by figuring out whether or not she would save people aboard a train or in an airport; she chose the one that actually would save the smaller number of people, but for him this was a clue that someone she cared about was aboard it. This brings him a step closer to figuring out her identity.

Yes, we’re well aware of the fact that the show is going to have a really hard time continuing to sell us on one of its central conceits at the moment, with that being that everyone should know that Supergirl is Kara by now. Yet, that’s part of the mythos. We’ll just go with it.

We wish that we could be as free-wheeling with the rest of the story. While the stuff with Kara and Cat’s son Carter was better than we expected (plus we learned a few fun things about the CatCo mogul in the process), we wish most of that James Olsen / Lucy Lane stuff never happened. This show is trying way too hard with romance, and it’s dragging down a lot of what it is doing that is fun and entertaining. This is something that “Arrow” and “The Flash” struggled with in the early going, so here’s hoping that they also figure it out and conduct a way to create a little more organic storytelling.

It’s hard to really comment much on the DEO story and some of the longer arcs, because the scheduling of the show tripped up the pacing big-time. We’re not going to hold that against “Supergirl,” since that is mostly out of its control. Let’s just say instead that we are getting moments of real potential here. We just wish that the show let itself consistently have as much fun as it did in a few select scenes. Episode grade: B-.

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