‘How to Get Away with Murder’ season 2, episode 9 (winter finale) review: Who shot Annalise?

How to Get Away with Murder -

During the winter finale of “How to Get Away with Murder” Thursday night, we wasted no time receiving answers, starting with Emily Sinclair. We knew that there were many who wanted her gone, but who actually eliminated her?

As it turned out, her death happened far away from the mansion. She was run over by Asher, and then the rest of the Keating Five / Six / however many there are at present (it seems to fluctuate in its own way) helping to cover it up to ensure that their own past was not exposed. The entire story was all about trying to cover up what happened more so than anything else. Unfortunately, for Annalise this required framing Catherine further for everything that transpired … and she needed someone to shoot her. Nobody was game, and it took her dropping some valuable information on Wes to convince him to change him mind: Rebecca is dead.

Unfortunately for Annalise, what she didn’t realize here is that this set off enough of a trigger to make him want to kill her in the flesh. He shot her, and right before he was about to kill her for good, hearing a certain name from his past in Christophe sent a trigger down his spine. This was his former name, back when he was young … and Annalise / Eve may have had a connection to doing away with his mother.

Has Annalise been getting away with murders, or at least being involved in them, for years? After this insane winter finale, we’re left to question … well, everything. Grade: B+.

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