ABC’s ‘Scandal’ season 5, episode 9 (winter finale) review: Mellie, Olivia take a stand

Scandal -Thursday’s episode of “Scandal” may be one of the strongest of the season, at least in terms of performances. Tony Goldwyn, Kerry Washington, and Bellamy Young all killed it in “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” an episode that showed that while you may have everything that you think you want, you really don’t at all.

In started with Olivia and Fitz. She wanted to be with him, but did she want to actually live in the White House? The answer to that is a clear “no,” since she almost immediately compared it to living in a “cage.” She went from handling problems of great significance to being asked about cookies. The lies and the manipulation still existed, and a secret trip to the hospital only matters so much worse. There were so many deep-seeded emotions and things unsaid that eventually, all of it exploded in a conversation near the end.

So what is their future? We don’t quite know, but the idea of Vermont, peace, and harmony is completely gone. She’s out of the White House and happy to be home. The story was actually somewhat subdued for a “Scandal” ending here. Granted, most of the drama was in the beginning courtesy of that abortion shocker, if that is actually what happened.

Elsewhere, Mellie went from being disliked First Lady to national hero after taking a stand on Planned Parenthood, Quinn got herself a dose of family cheer, Huck tried to head home, and Jake and Rowan are setting up for the most awkward “Odd Couple” remake ever. Also, is there a battle for David Rosen between Liz North and Susan Ross?

We’re not sure if this episode got us anywhere with Olivia and Fitz just yet, but we have to say that maybe the two may be better off when his President is over … if they are better off at all. Grade: A-.

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