‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 7, episode 6 review: A pregnancy twist overshadows all

Vampire Diaries -If there was one thing that could transform Stefan’s feelings for Valerie, and maybe even for Caroline, it was learning that he at one point could’ve been a father. This indecision was clear in his head throughout “The Vampire Diaries” on Thursday night.

While we don’t question his feelings for Caroline, at the same time this particular episode did make us wonder if this is the beginning of the inevitable end for their relationship. We already know, after all, that they are not together in the flash-forward.

Enter Julian – Clearly, this is a bad mad, and despite their mass arguments, we did eventually see Damon and Stefan team up to try to put a stop to them. They did not succeed, but at the same time starting to make eyes open when it comes to the monstrous nature of the character. Eventually, what we saw Lily do here was put her foot down on the idea of having Julian kill her sons. She’s a different person now, and if he wants to be around her, he is also going to have to adjust.

Casting a spell – And here we were thinking that the story when it comes to Alaric and Jo was going to just end with the big reveal that he was never going to get the old version of his wife back no matter how hard he tried. Instead, what we uncovered that Caroline is actually pregnant … with twins! Having Caroline carry them seems right about perfect, given that the show had to write in Candice King’s pregnancy somehow if they wanted to avoid frequent camera tricks … and this is it. Also, this helps to justify a pairing of Caroline and Alaric moving into the future.

In the end, we can do nothing other than give a steep round of applause to everyone for coming up with a unique way for Caroline to be pregnant. It was unexpected, and definitely makes the story a little crazier moving forward. Episode Grade: B+.

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