‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ episode 6 review: Liz Taylor’s love story and ‘Murder House’ references galore

AHSAfter everything that we saw on “American Horror Story: Hotel” this past week with the crazy school and with Iris taking hipsters, was it too much to ask for more of the same on these stories? Apparently.

What we had on Wednesday night’s new episode instead was the story of how Liz Taylor developed feelings for Tristan, how John Lowe started to become even more convinced that he was starting to lose his mind, and also a whole lot of backstory on the Countess, the love she lost, and the possessive, manipulative person she is now. Oh, and we saw a lot of rear ends. A lot.¬†Most of it was gratuitous and made very little sense.

Eventually, Tristan fought with the Countess over feeling used and angry, and pressed her to allow him to have a chance at real love. The thing that frustrated us the most about this story was that it came completely out of nowhere. Where were we with this weeks ago? Denis O’Hare and Finn Wittrock were brilliant in the hour, and right around the time in which it started to seem like we were going to get behind the two of them together, Gaga went and killed Tristan off! Sadly, it appears as though Wittrock is not getting the Dandy Mott treatment and lasting this time around through the end of the season.

As for the other big reveals tonight, the Murder House is back! That was nice, and it does fulfill the whole “everything is connected” promise that was made some time ago. Also, we had a tiny glimpse of Iris (not enough for our liking), and then that terrifying / strange reveal at the end of the Countess’ baby. We’re not entirely sure just what he is, but he’s certainly terrifying enough to incite some nightmares following what we would say was the scariest episode of the season. We just wish that aside from a few good moments at the end, the rest of it made sense.¬†Grade: C+.

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