‘The Bastard Executioner’ season 1 finale spoilers: ‘Blood and Quiescence,’ and the story of Milus and Wilkin

As we start to near the end of “The Bastard Executioner” season 1, we are of course left with many questions. What is the show’s legacy? Has it lived up to expectations? Where could it go in a second season? Some of these should be answered in the finale next week, though not all of them since the fate of the show with FX still hangs in the balance. (We remain stunned that the ratings have not been better in recent weeks.)

In terms of definite details, FX is not exactly being open when it comes to what to expect … though it is not exactly new for them, since this is typically what they choose to do with many of their shows:

“In the first season finale, Wilkin and Milus lead an unlikely band of brothers on a life-threatening rescue mission.”

The worst “life-threatening” definitely are ringing in our head at the moment. How could they not, given the journey that we’ve been on with this show so far? We would be shocked in the event that no one of significance dies at the end of the finale, or if there is not at least some sort of setup for what the second season would look like.

If there is just one singular question that we want an answer on going into the finale, it is this: What did Annora mean by “my son”? Is it as literal as it seems to be on the surface? We’ll learn within seven days…

What do you want to see on the season 1 finale of “The Bastard Executioner”? Let us know right away in the comments.

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