‘Better Call Saul’ season 2: Would Bob Odenkirk love to play Gene in the future?

Better Call Saul season 2So what’s with all of the buzz as of late surrounding the second season of “Better Call Saul”? It’s tied in part to a small press tour for the release of the first season on DVD just in time for holiday shopping season.

Thanks to this, we are getting a chance to see interviews like one over on IGN featuring star Bob Odenkirk, where he claims that it would be a “dream” to be able to someday tell the story on the show of Jimmy McGill as “Gene,” the Cinnabon worker in Omaha who we met in the black-and-white opening of the show. We feel like everyone really wants to know if he really has escaped the life he built in Albuquerque, and while it may seem as though he has a mundane, tranquil life, we know that anything can happen on this show.

Odenkirk also tells the site a little bit about where we are picking up in season 2, and how Jimmy’s transition into Saul Goodman is still going to be a gradual one:

“I would say that the one thing the writers have done, that I think is very true to human beings, is that he is not a different person when you see him Season 2. He is not all of a sudden completely transformed. I think one of the things Vince showed us with Breaking Bad is that people can change, they just change incredibly slowly and they struggle and sweat through those changes. They really need to be ground down and pressurized in order to change in a fundamental way. In the case of Breaking Bad, Walter White didn’t really change, he just became more of who he was in his inner core. He began to express himself more in the real world. But I think in the case of Jimmy McGill, he is transforming. But it’s happening in a realistic and, I must say, somewhat painful way.”

The new season of the show will premiere on AMC most likely in February, and we will hopefully have some other news around it then.

(Photo: AMC.)

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