‘Fargo’ season 2, episode 6 review: Was Ed arrested or did the Gerhardt’s find him?

Fargo season 2With the butcher’s shop burning to the ground and Ed killing another man and fleeing the scene of the crime, we know his days are numbered, so it was a really powerful last moment on last week’s episode of “Fargo” when we saw him and Peggy standing in their living room with the sirens flashing outside their house. Are they going to jail?

As suspected, Ed was brought into the station for what happened at the butcher shop, but so was Charlie. With Charlie in jail the family is divided as his father is furious about Charlie’s arrest and his uncle is proud that Charlie stepped up for the family. The Gerhardt grand daughter has had enough of the bad treatment from the men in the family and asks Mike to kill her father, but instead he kills her grandfather.

Hank tells Peggy that a forensics team is coming in to find evidence of Rye’s death in the car she sold, and that she should just come clean about hitting him with her car. While Hank is questioning her (and she’s admitted nothing), the Gerhardt family shows up to kill Ed. He tells them that Ed has been taken to jail, but while they are having a conversation, Peggy hides in the house and one of the Gerhardt men sneaks around behind Hank and knocks him out. They go into the house looking for Ed but instead they find Peggy who defends herself and is able to escape without harm.

Ed on the other hand has asked for a lawyer and wants to do whatever he can to protect himself and Peggy. As it turns out Ed is not the only one that needs help – the Gerhardt family comes to the station to get Charlie and they realize that Ed is there too and they are not leaving without Charlie and Ed. Lou gets Ed out of the station safely (and then Ed runs off) and he convinces Ed’s lawyer to now represent Charlie and talk some sense into Charlie’s father Bear. He tells Bear that that because Charlie is a minor, and that he didn’t actually shoot anyone that he will be okay, but by pulling him out of jail now he’ll be a fugitive forever. Bear decides to leave Charlie to give him the best shot at a future.

For us it took a while for this season to come together, but it’s really starting to be a show that we look forward to. We didn’t have enough Mike for our liking, but he can’t be the center of the Fargo universe every week. It will be interesting to see what Ed’s plan is now that he’s on the run – we know Peggy is his first priority, but how is he going to get to her with so many people after him? Episode grade: B

What did you think of this episode of “Fargo” and do you like the season so far? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think. (Photo: FX)

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