‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’ episode 7 review: Chaos aplenty at the merge


Merge time on “Survivor” is always a tremendous time for entertainment. There are so many different things happening, and that is even more so both when you have a cast of 13 players, and also when you have All-Stars as a part of the cast.

In the early going on Wednesday night, it felt as though we were going to have to clear groups: Many of the old Bayon tribe still wants to stick to their numbers, but with a new person in tow in Kelly Wiglesworth. Meanwhile, you’ve got the group of Kass, Ciera, Keith, Kelley Wentworth, and Abi-Maria. Two people are clearly in the middle: Joe and Spencer. They’ve both got ties to both sides, and they will figure out what best suits them.

The rise of Chaos Kass – We just don’t think Kass handles it well when she knows someone is trying to play her, and she caught Tasha in it right away. The thing here is that Tasha makes game mistakes, but she is able to cover from them. After the whole outburst between the two women, Bayon didn’t really flinch in their support of her. Instead, it just made Savage in particular want to get rid of Kass more, who he already didn’t like because of her betrayal. She and Ciera each flipped at the past tribal council.

By the time immunity was over, it was clear that Kass could be in big danger. Even former Ta Keo tribe members were willing to flip on her! This is what a reputation can do to you in this game. Interestingly, it all seemed to come down to the person that she just saved in Spencer. It was nice to see him in the driver’s seat for a move, given that for most of the season, he has been at the mercy of others.

Was getting rid of Kass right? For Spencer, probably since you can never trust her for too long. Entertainment-wise, it stinks to lose her here. We just think that she, Tasha, and Ciera (who got into it with a story about Savage) got far too involved in stirring the pot when they didn’t need to. We’re also not sure if Ciera voting against her was all that great again for her, since she once again showed that she’s willing to go against her allies. (Still, we love the fight! How do you not love the fight from her?)

Joe wins – Be prepared to see a lot of this over the course of the season. This guy knows that he is an enormous threat, and with that, we just think that he feels almost like he is better off just trying to win every challenge and seeing if he can get to the end that way.

Stephen’s poem – We don’t have much to say about this right now in the context of this game, but this was tremendous. The majority of the episode was, even if it wasn’t a blindside. Grade: A-.

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