MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 5, episode 10 review: Did the Jenna – Matty moment finally happen?

AwkwardFor everyone who has been waiting for the glorious moment of Jenna and Matty coming together on “Awkward,” you don’t have to wait anymore. It’s finally happened! This was the pinnacle of the story on Monday night’s episode, as the two finally spilled their feelings even after we started to think that Jenna was going to talk her way out of by saying, once again, that it was “too late” and the relationship was not going to work.

In the end, this was an almost-happy ending for most. Jake realized that he may be better off single for now, Tamara and Adam consummated their new relationship in a way that made them happy (but made us feel rather gross), Val stopped being so hard on the students, and even prom court ended in a way that was at least reasonably satisfying.

The one person who had an unhappy end to their story? Sadie, who was punished for having booze on her by having her privilege of walking at graduation revoked … which is bad given that she is valedictorian of her class. We think there’s hope to turn it around, but this is one of the few times we feel pretty bad for her. Sure, she did something wrong, but so did the vast majority of the student body. Without her, maybe Matty never goes back to prom to try to find Jenna.

We don’t know if we should say that this is a happy ending for Jenna and Matty just yet, but at least this story is a nice culmination of the past couple of years; at this point, if the two end things we hope that they find a way to better articulate their feelings versus how long it took them to do so this time around. Episode Grade: B-.

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