Movember: Are Martin Freeman, Evan Peters, Reza Farahan sporting some of TV’s top five mustaches?

Mustache fans, rejoice! We are now entering the month of November, which means many things to many people: Thanksgiving, fall, football, and of course Movember. The annual event is one in support of an important cause in men’s health and prostate / testicular cancer awareness, and we encourage any man out there to be diligent in checking your health and ensuring that you remain cancer-free for many years to come. A great charity you can visit for some more information is the Movember Foundation.

In honor of this time of year, we’ve decided have a little fun and compile today a list of some of the greatest television mustaches out there. Based on the look of some of these people / characters below, you’d just assume that they believe every month to be one where celebrating your ‘stache is perfectly en vogue.

John Watson, “Sherlock” – Have you seen the photos for the upcoming special to air on New Year’s Day? This is a mustache that puts even many other period ‘staches to shame. It is a nice distinction and point of difference from the modern-day Watson on the BBC series, who is for the most part clean-shaven.

Oliver Peck, “Ink Master” – When your mustache overwhelms your beard to the extent that tattoo artist / Ink Master judge Oliver Peck’s does, you know you’ve got something special. It is probably his most distinctive feature (other than the ink and maybe at times his trademark toothpick) any time that he is judging a contestant. It would be hard to imagine him without it.

Mr. March, “American Horror Story: Hotel” – Sure, his mustache is a little less bushy and a little more Gomez Addams, but that doesn’t take away from its magnificence, right? We figured that putting his ‘stache on here is a way to showcase a little more variety in the mustache game since they don’t all have to resemble a villain tying a helpless lady to the railroad tracks.

Frank Reagan, “Blue Bloods” – If we were not to include Tom Selleck on this list, we may as well shame ourselves into oblivion. The actor may have one of the most famous mustaches of all time, and Frank is just one of many characters to sport it. This is the mustache that has risen the bar for all other mustache’s to strive for.

Reza Farahan, “Shahs of Sunset” – Reza makes mustaches fashionable. It suits his personality, his style, and his spirit of being a little bit different and fun. We appreciate this especially in the genre of reality TV, where so many people tend to ultimately look the same when the dust settles. We’ve seen pictures of Reza without his famous stache’, but we really love him with it!

In the spirit of Movember, one of our co-founders in Matt Carter is going to be celebrating the spirit of the month, as well. Be sure to check out his Twitter for some updates as time goes by. For the record, we don’t think it will be anywhere near as tremendous as any of these by the end of the month, but he’s going to go for it the bast he can!

Who sports one of your favorite mustaches in the game right now? Share in the comments below.

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