‘Downton Abbey’ season 6, episode 7 review: Mary and a car crash; Edith’s proposal; Violet’s departure

Mary -

Going into Sunday night’s “Downton Abbey” episode on ITV, there was a prevailing sense of dread on a variety of different topics, with the primary one being this: Did Lady Mary have a terrible repeat of what happened with Matthew?

Mary went to a race in this episode of her new love Henry Talbot, which featured a wide array of many drivers competing for a prize. She did her part to put on a good face, but at the same time we do think that concern was floating around in the back of her head over what could happen. Ultimately, things took a traumatic turn when fellow driver Charlie ended up losing his life in an accident. This caused Henry to rethink everything, and in turn he seemed prepared to spend the rest of his life with her. She didn’t want him to give up racing; instead, she did everything we can to send him away, feeling simply that she was not right for him. Particularly heartbreaking.

Thankfully, she has a friend in Tom Branson nearby. He did his part to encourage her that he was someone still worth pursuing, and he should not give up on the relationship just yet.

Happier news – Anna seems excited finally about having a child! Some of the early cynicism is gone, and she is now at a point where she is starting to feel like this child could actually be entering the world.

Even happier news – Edith got a marriage proposal from Bertie! He realized that he may not be the best candidate in terms of money, but he does bring love and plenty of it to the table. Edith’s one condition is that she wanted to bring Marigold into the fold … and she still wants to think about whether or not to say “yes.”

Funniest moment of the episode – Seeing Mr. Carson have to attempt cooking after Mrs. Hughes became injured.

Less happy news – Violet has decided that she wants to depart for a time, and her exit is coming at a time when there is rising tension all around the hospital and what has transpired as a result.

Happy news again – Robert has a new dog! After the death of Isis last season, the Earl has been granted a new animal companion. After an episode that has its fair share of ups and downs, we are glad to see his story end on this note. Grade. B+.

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