CarterMatt’s Scare-O-Ween: Should ‘Sleepy Hollow’ scare things up even more?

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For all of you out there who love “Sleepy Hollow,” we imagine that you probably associate the show with Halloween very much. After all, why wouldn’t you? This TV show is based on a story so associated with Halloween that for many, watching it was a tradition growing up. This was before the feature film and now the show.

Yet, there may be a fair argument as to whether or not the show did enough to properly ring in the holiday this year with their “Bones” crossover. Let’s start with the good news: At least they did something different, right? If the goal of Halloween is to be memorable, there is something to be said for just throwing two separate shows together. For Booth and Brennan, and probably felt very much like October 31 to have these two characters at the Jeffersonian. Maybe this in part was a way to ring in the holiday for that show in particular.

But as for those who watch “Sleepy Hollow” specifically and not so much “Bones,” this could have felt like yet another day at the office. We’ve seen so many scary situations on this show over the years, but this is the time for perhaps more of them! As a part of our Scare-O-Ween series, here are two things that we would specifically want in any future Halloween episode (provided that there is another season, given that the odds of a renewal here are not exactly that high).

1. A unique monster – Sometimes, having a standalone Halloween episode (minus a crossover) can be okay. We like specials that you can watch back many years into the future, even if you don’t understand everything that is happening around them. We don’t always love it when this show goes procedural, but there is something valuable in this case to introducing a specific story with a specific monster to go along with it.

2. More Washington Irving homages – There have been many veiled ones over the course of the series, but with Headless gone for this season, you have to find another way to really introduce more of those elements. We know that you could claim that the title is also a reference to the New York town, but let’s face it: How many people knew of that town before the show come out? Probably not that many.

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