‘How to Get Away with Murder’ season 2, episode 6 preview: The problems pile on for Annalise

HTGAWM -Can’t Annalise Keating just deal with one murder case at a time? Life just doesn’t seem to be that easy for her.

In the sneak peek below for Thursday night’s “How to Get Away with Murder” episode, we begin with what is a fairly run-of-the-mill briefing set up by Viola Davis’ character, as she tries to go through some of the facts and what needs to be done next when it comes to the case of the siblings. This includes them gathering more information, and also evidence into who could have actually committed the crime if the two continue to proclaim that they are innocent.

As Keating tries to hand down some of her orders, she is interrupted over and over again by a phone call, which just turns out to be a powerful woman who has seemingly killed her husband and is looking for help. This story may be the one regarding a transgender professor that is referred to in the episode’s synopsis, which is a new case that she decides to take on.

Here’s what makes it difficult: She openly admits to killing him in the sneak peek, so is there any way that she can spin it and justify it to keep her safe? This is something that will be an enormous task for her to take on, especially at a time when there are clearly many other stressful things to handle. Sure, she has her students to rely on, but as we’ve seen at this point, they have a variety of their own problems.

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