MTV’s ‘Awkward’ season 5, episode 9 review: Prom brings Matty, Jenna to the brink of something real

AwkwardardThe frustration with the past few episodes of “Awkward” stems mostly out of the inevitable. There is a moment that everyone knows is coming, and we almost wish that it was here and gone so that the show could start to move on to some other things. Of course, we are speaking here specifically of the show trying to give us some sort of big, sweeping romantic gesture for Jenna and Matty. It is the sort of thing that is inevitable, and the only thing that is not is whether or not this turns into a relationship.

The highlight of Monday night’s episode to us was the way that Matty made the revelation that he needed to tell Jenna how he felt: In the middle of an honest conversation with Sadie of all people, who really did not seem to be enjoying any of it. She still encouraged him to do the right thing, but it was not a classic romantic-comedy “go to her” moment by any means.

The humor that was here for these two, plus almost anything that Lissa did, helped to make up for some of the episode’s weaker moments. For example, we are fairly certain that we spent a good seven or eight minutes in this episode dealing with the matter of Jenna’s dress, which really did not deserve that much time. Sure, some of the incidents were classic “Awkward” moments: Her getting wine on her original dress after her dad didn’t close a sippy cup properly, and then her ending up going in what looked like a wedding dress.

In the end, this was a standard prom episode for this show that other than Adam showing up for Tamara, really did not surprise us too much. We just hope that next week really gives us a few crazy moments that start to make us look forward to the series’ endgame. Grade: B-.

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