‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’ rankings: Does Ta Keo’s big alliance change anything?

Keith -

We have to be honest about the present state of the Ta Keo tribe on “Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance“: It’s boring. You’ve got a pretty clear hierarchy, and thanks to that there is not really a whole lot of drama as to what is going on. If they go to tribal council, you probably know who is going home unless there is some sort of dramatic twist.

Therefore, this is probably going to be shorter rankings article than we’ve shared in the past. We will at least try to take the new five-person alliance into account when talking about some of these players’ long-term prospects.

6. Terry Deitz – He’s not in the alliance, and his only allies in the game are Woo and Kelly Wiglesworth. If there is another tribe swap at 14, he doesn’t have a majority even if these three get back together. Thanks to this, he seems screwed even if he survives another tribal council.

5. Ciera Eastin – Unless the show is saving some huge hero edit for Ciera a little bit down the road, we could see her going the way of Monica Padilla, who had similar air time and was sent home.

4. Keith Nale – The unfortunate thing for Keith is that he feels expendable. We have yet to see anything story-wise to suggest that he has a big role in this season at all, so we are not inclined to think he’s really going anywhere.

3. Kelley Wentworth – Now that Kelley is officially in that five-person alliance plus an immunity idol, we’re much more positive about her long-term prospects. Plus, the assumption that a tribe swap is near should help her reunite with another former Ta Keo member or two.

2. Joe Anglim – He’s got that alliance, but will they all want to turn on him? He’s safe for the next episode, but we’re getting near the danger zone for a guy this big of a threat.

1. Kass McQuillen – Yes, we are nearing the zone for Kass where nobody’s going to be thinking of voting her out. It’s so late now that tribe strength isn’t that important, and she hasn’t made any enemies. Good on Kass.

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