‘Supergirl’ season 1, episode 2 review: Kara learns her weakness, gives Cat an interview

Supergirl -Last week we had the highly anticipated premiere of “Supergirl” and while it had some really great moments, we feel that there is a lot more this show could do with a character this big. We like she should be showing more confidence instead of just being this insecure young woman, since we really didn’t buy into the idea that she would be that insecure while also having the ability to stop a train with her little finger.

It’s been a week since Kara has come out as a superhero and she’s working to hone in her superpowers with the help of her sister and the DEO. We were hoping to see Kara struggle with her powers a bit and we got that tonight! She was able to stop an oil fire, but she also breaks an oil tanker and causes a huge oil spill. Alex helps to teach her how to fight, just in case her powers are ever weakened, but instead it just discourages Kara.

Kara later ends up getting a pep talk from Cat of all people, saying that Supergirl needs to stop taking on such huge feats since she’s way too inexperienced and should instead start small and work her way up to bigger events. With the help of her friends she is able to get a few wins under her belt and the city is starting to turn around on her.

Kara needs to get up to speed quickly though, because her aunt is on earth and looking to capture her. She sends one of her minions to kidnap Alex in an attempt to draw Kara out. The plan works and Kara is shocked to learn that her aunt is not only alive, but is on earth. After learning of her aunt’s evil plan, Kara is able to push back at her and save Alex, but her aunt takes off – we are sure she will be back soon to cause more chaos.

Kara’s boss wants an exclusive interview with Supergirl so that they can get the jump on The Daily Planet and Kara panics thinking that her boss will recognize her immediately. Cat threatens James’ job, saying that if he doesn’t produce that interview, that he will be out of a job. Kara decides to do the interview – not only for James but for everyone. She feels it’s time to stop hiding and let everyone see what Supergirl is all about.

It was nice to see Kara’s confidence coming out more, and we are really enjoying the pace of the relationships. There’s a nice chemistry between Kara and James that is a nice slow build and makes them easy to ship. The one negative about the show that we are having a hard time getting behind is the obvious comparisons between “The Devil Wears Prada” and the Kara/Cat Grant relationship. We feel that there could’ve been a much more original idea for Kara’s job/boss that hasn’t been done so many times before, but everything else about the show has the potential to be super. Episode grade: B-

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