‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’ rankings: Do Kelly Wiglesworth, Spencer Bledsoe have better odds?

Kelly -

For a little while, it felt as though Spencer Bledsoe and Kelly Wiglesworth were dead castaways walking on the Bayon tribe on “Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance,” but then something surprising happened: Monica Padilla was voted out instead. It’s still not clear if the immunity challenge was thrown to get rid of her (which has been discussed this week), but the reality still is what it is: She is gone from the show.

Does this mean that Spencer and Kelly have a better shot at swinging someone over and lasting past another tribal council? As we’ll explain in the latest edition of our rankings below, the answer is a pretty clear no for a variety of reasons.

5. Kelly Wiglesworth – What is holding Kelly back is that to date, she’s shown to really have no strategic game, and to go along with that some of the other players have to know that she is at least loyal to Woo and Terry. Spencer can tell them that much, and maybe they’ll be inclined to believe him.

4. Spencer Bledsoe – Maybe Spencer can make it to another phase of the game and start working with some other numbers … but will it really matter? Since there is probably only one more tribal council before another swap, he may be able to make it the next week or two without a problem. The problem he is always going to be a strategic threat and someone perceived as the sort of person who could easily win the game. As much as we like Spencer, we still see him as a longshot.

3. Kimmi Kappenberg – We’ve gone back and forth about whether or not it was right for Kimmi to target Monica over some of her comments about a women’s alliance, given that Monica probably would have gone with her to the final three. What we will say is that maybe Kimmi didn’t see a path to the end with her, and does with Jeremy and Steven. She is keeping bigger targets around, and that is smart for getting her to hide under the radar for a while.

2. Stephen Fishbach – Hey, if Stephen can score for the wrong team and not get a vote cast against him, isn’t he okay? It’s hard to get a good read on him based on his edit so far this season, but there’s no doubt that he is in a far superior position than he was on the old Bayon, and he may now have a leg up on Andrew Savage if the two end up on the same tribe together.

1. Jeremy Collins – Still, it’s hard to argue against anyone other than Jeremy being at #1. While he’s a big target after the merge, we’re still a few votes from that. Also, he has an immunity idol when they do get there, and there are still so many other big threats left like Joe, Savage, and Terry. He has a great chance to win the final three; he just has to make it there.

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