‘The Walking Dead’ season 6, episode 4 review: Morgan, Aikido and a goat

The Walking DeadWe have seen a lot of crazy things happen on “The Walking Dead” over the years, but nothing prepared us for the potential loss of Glenn last week. Although we last saw Rick (who may or may not have gotten bitten) getting swarmed by walkers, this week’s episode is going to be all about Morgan. Are we going to see Rick die and Morgan move into the position of leader?

When Rick and Michonne happened upon Morgan many seasons ago, he was holed up in an apartment and acting fairly crazy, but why? He spent most of his time back then killing everyone… and we mean everyone. It didn’t matter if you were walker or alive, Morgan was clearing everyone out. Eventually Morgan comes upon a cabin and a man named Eastman who, despite Morgan’s pleas for death, hands him a book about peace and offers him a different way of thinking. Is this the man that is going to turn Morgan’s life around? He starts to read the book and observes Eastman’s peaceful way of living in this world and as much as he wants to believe this is a possible way of living he just can’t buy into it. Instead he tries to find a way to escape from Eastman’s cage, but he tells Morgan that the door to the cage has been open all along and that he can go or he can stay and if he stays, then he has a home. Morgan tries to kill Eastman at first, but eventually Morgan chooses to stay.

Eastman tests Morgan and asks him to watch his home and his goat while he’s gone. When the walkers show up to attack the goat, Morgan saves her, and we can see that saving her starts to move him towards learning Aikido and a more peaceful way of living and that includes burying the walkers – reminding Morgan that these were people at one point too. Eastman helps Morgan move past his pain, but it’s a slow process. When Eastman gets bit by a walker, Morgan runs off and tries to go back to living life the way he used to, but he’s a changed man. When he returns to Eastman, his goat is being eaten by walkers and Eastman is in bad shape. After Eastman dies, Morgan buries him and decides to leave the cabin now that he feels that he can face the world with a different perspective.

We really enjoyed this episode, but we love just about anything with Morgan in it, so a full episode all about Morgan was just what we’ve wanted. We know that most “Walking Dead” fans want to know if Glenn is dead or if Rick got bit from the last episode, so we worry that fans won’t really be giving this episode the credit that it deserves for being a beautiful episode. We wish that this episode hadn’t been slated for right after the Glenn/Rick cliffhanger, so everyone can watch it with a clear mind instead of worrying about our survivors. Episode grade: B+

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