CarterMatt’s Scare-O-Ween: Should ‘The Big Bang Theory’ have more Halloween fun?

The Big Bang Theory

The majority of the shows that we are looking at in our Scare-O-Ween series are horror / supernatural shows. Why? It’s all because they satisfy the purpose of these articles more than any other: Analyzing what shows are doing in celebration of October 31, and what they could be doing differently. There are simply a whole lot of non-genre shows out that don’t do Halloween, and ultimately have no reason to.

However, “The Big Bang Theory” is one of those comedies that is perfectly suited for Halloween, and it’s also one that has lacked as of late when giving us great laughs geared around the holiday. Heck, we’re not sure that Monday night’s episode will reference the holiday at all. What are they missing? Read on for some our analysis.

The right venue – You cannot have a Halloween episode every year that revolves around a party at one of the main characters’ places of residence. Therefore, why not branch outward? Try using the comic-book store more like you have in the past, or maybe have a few characters attend a party with Penny and some co-workers? We figure that one of the reasons why we don’t see these characters in a new setting is simply a matter of budget. You have to build a new set, hire extras, and more. Plus, you need to have a good idea.

Pop culture fun – The best reason for “The Big Bang Theory” to do Halloween episodes is that it is a great opportunity for us to get the show’s take on various trends, hot movies, or popular video games. Maybe not everyone would get the references, but we feel like for the most part it would be worth the risk.

Social awkwardness – While the male characters on this show are professionals and in devoted relationships (at least some of them), they have their immature qualities and still more than likely love tons of candy. Putting them in this environment is a great way to play this up.

One of the reasons why we want more Halloween episodes specifically with this show is because they have done so many good ones in the past. The big with everyone dressing up as the Flash in the early days of the show was genius. The fifth and sixth seasons also did some great stuff with costume parties, pranks, and creating new dynamics for the characters. This show has just done some brilliant holiday specials over the years; we’ve been vocal about Penny’s Christmas gift to Sheldon (the DNA of Leonard Nimoy) being our favorite moment in the show’s history.

What do you wish “The Big Bang Theory” would do more of for Halloween? Share below, and head over here to see a preview for Monday’s episode! Also, you can sign up here to get some other TV news on all we cover via our CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo: CBS.)

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