‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 9, episode 6 preview: Sheldon and Leonard hit the black market

Big Bang Theory -There are many ways in which “The Big Bang Theory” routinely shines as a TV series, but one of the biggest ones is merely how they manage consistently to make even the normal into something that is completely absurd. Take, for example, Sheldon and Leonard buying liquid helium in a way that feels very much like the black market.

The video promo below for this episode is all sorts of funny, and getting Michael Rapaport aboard in the role of the “dealer” is another nice touch. The guy’s done a lot of great stuff, and this is a chance to flex a muscle that he doesn’t always get to.

As for whether or not someone is going to find out about what Sheldon and Leonard are up to (as if this is anything that is even remotely worthy of the paranoia they are attaching to it), that’s one of the interesting stories that should play out in this episode. Also, there are still questions that could come following Amy’s decision to turn down Barry Kripke last week. Will she reconsider, now that she knows that Sheldon has started to “ask out other people”? We put that in quotes, mostly because of the fact that he is only really doing that because the other guys are telling them to.

Given that this should be the last episode of the show before it moves back to Thursdays, and that it is the episode that is setting up the series premiere of “Supergirl,” let’s hope for an hour of TV that really manages to deliver and then some.

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