‘Legends of Tomorrow’ spoilers: Connor Hawke will be surfacing

LegendsThe name “Connor Hawke” is familiar to anyone who knows Green Arrow lore. In some iterations he is the son of Oliver Queen, and given that the character also has a secret son on “Arrow,” the assumption has been for some that maybe this kid is actually the character.

However, that rumor was shot down a little while ago. While Oliver does have this kid, who may or may not ever have an enormous role to play in the show, their name is apparently not Connor. According to ComicBook.com, however, the spin-off “Legends of Tomorrow” does have plans for the Connor character. The show is casting an African-American / biracial male to play someone who takes up the mantel of a supposedly-missing hero, and the site has confirmed that this will be Connor.

Is the missing hero Oliver? Our guess is that either this is far in the future, or Connor is an Earth-2 / alternate-universe Green Arrow who ends up being the hero thanks to a different timeline. It’s something that will be interesting to explore as an extension of the “Arrow” brand. Let’s just hope that if you watch “Legends of Tomorrow,” you also watch “Arrow,” given that this will not be nearly as interesting or sensible otherwise.

“Legends of Tomorrow” is going to be premiering on The CW early next year, and thanks to all of the time-travel that this show in particular has planned, this is probably not going to be the last casting notice we receive for a notable character.

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