‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’ preview: The mystery of the Spencer Bledsoe edit


If there was ever someone right now being presented with a positive storyline on “Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance,” it’s Spencer Bledsoe. During his first season in “Cagayan,” he was the Young Lad, a capable strategic player who was consistently on the outside of the numbers and failed repeatedly to convince others to work with him. Occasionally Tony Vlachos would do so for a vote or two, but only to mostly further his agenda of getting to the end with the people that he wanted, while keeping a major threat like Spencer still around.

This time around, the good news for Spencer is that we see him being more proactive in creating better circumstances for himself. While going fishing with Jeremy, as seen in the sneak-peek below, is far from the most revolutionary thing we’ve ever seen, it is nice to see that he is at least realizing that creating these moments are important for his social game. Also, Jeremy has the numbers. It’s hard to forget about that as being a motivating factor in the equation. If he can just ensure that Kelly Wiglesworth is targeted before him if Bayon loses a challenge, that may be enough to secure him a spot until the next tribe swap.

Rather than just detailing the events of a sneak peek, the question that we really want to pose right now is this: What are we being led to believe through this? Are we meant to see Spencer as a Young Lad becoming a man destined to win a million bucks, or someone being set up for a shocking blindside? We’re leaning more towards him going far, but Jeff Varner’s boot and edit has us wary.

Also, remember what Monica Padilla said in this past episode: She wants Spencer out, and maybe she could find a way to rally some numbers.

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