‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’ rankings: Are Kass and Joe ruling Ta Keo?

Kass -The Ta Keo tribe at the moment on “Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance” is really interesting to us, mostly because it feels almost like there is no way to make the edit particular surprising. For example, it feels almost a sure thing what will happen if they go to tribal council; therefore, most of the drama revolves around whether or not they can make it to another swap without running into this problem. We’re starting to think that it can happen, and Terry may have not been so crazy to profess this as a thing when we first did the split.

We’re going to continue to present our rankings in the same way as always, and that’s by emphasizing strategy, alliances, edit, and whether or not you’re a threat to be voted out soon.

6. Terry Deitz – Still, we don’t know how you can sit here and say that Terry is in a good spot when he’s clearly not. If they lose, Kelley Wentworth has already thrown him under the bus, she has the idol from this beach, and it’s probably clear that he has allies elsewhere. Booting him at this point is the easy choice.

5. Kelley Wentworth – We haven’t seen a crack in the four Bayon members on this tribe just yet. Therefore, we have to imagine that if Terry somehow goes and these tribes stick together beyond that, she’s in trouble unless she still has the idol.

4. Ciera Eastin – We have zero confidence right now in Ciera as a winner, mostly because we’ve seen almost nothing in terms of her game. We do, however, see her as someone who could last for a while, get a few big episodes down the road, and then be voted out.

3. Keith Nale – Keith is almost in the same boat. He’s gotten a little more airtime than Ciera, but that’s just because he is a huge character that almost demands it. We’re going to get some of him no matter what, but we don’t get the sense he is playing hard or making big moves.

2. Joe Anglim – There’s still no reason to get rid of Joe now. However, we’d start to think about cutting him if you get down close to the merge … provided that you have the numbers without him to feel secure in the game. The big worry we have with him is that if anyone can repeat what Mike did on this past season, it is him.

1. Kass McQuillen – Maybe we’re losing our grasp on reality by ranking Kass #1, something that we never thought we’d do on this season. However, make an argument as to why she shouldn’t be there right now. She’s in a dominant alliance on a winning tribe, she has effectively changed up her game, and while she’s no challenge beast, she is really great in puzzles and seems to work well with Joe in particular. This is Team Player Kass, and she’s clearly someone you want around.

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