‘Fargo’ season 2, episode 3 review: Lou faces off against the Gerhardt family

FargoThe last episode of “Fargo” was a little all over the place as we only saw a few tiny snippets of each part of the story that has not really connected that well yet. What we loved about season one is that the focus was on one character and we got to watch as his inner demons unraveled showing us what a terrible human being Lester Nygaard really was. This year we have a pretty full cast of characters and not really enough time to know anyone at this point. Also we have a few different stories going on with the crime syndicate, Ed and Peggy killing Rye, the cops looking into the Waffle Hut massacre and because that’s not enough we also have UFO’s. Let’s see what we have going on this week.

The Kansas City mafia are still pushing for the Gerhardt family to roll over, but Floyd isn’t afraid of a war as long as it’s on her terms and it’s a last resort. They realize that they are small time compared to the Kansas City mafia, so they will have to go about this a bit smarter. Kansas City on the other hand are looking to find Rye and use him as leverage against the Gerhardt family, so that they will come into the fold.

Hank found a print on the gun found at the Waffle Hut and it belongs to Rye Gerhardt, so Lou decides to talk to the Gerhardt family. It doesn’t go well and he doesn’t get any information, but he does learn just how powerful this family really is. Lou gets another lead after meeting Skip, the typewriter guy, but he’s been taken for a ride by the Gerhardt daughter, so he goes into Skip’s shop alone… or at least he thinks he’s alone. Instead he meets up with Mike and the Kitchen brothers who are also waiting for Skip. They also get no where with each other, but it was a very cool meeting – we love the Mike character too much, but we love Bokeem Woodbine in everything we’ve seen him in (our personal favorite is his role in “Black Dynamite” which we highly recommend if you haven’t seen it).  Skip on the other hand gets questioned by the Gerhardt family about Rye’s whereabouts and he tells them that he thinks the Kansas City mafia got him right before being buried alive.

Peggy starts to get nervous when Hank stops by the hair salon and asks the owner Connie to put up a wanted sign for Rye. Things get worse for her when Betsy has a theory about Rye getting hit by a car that is spot on to what happened with Peggy and Rye, and although Peggy is able to convince Hank that the theory is insane as no one would hit a Gerhardt and just drive home and make supper, she immediately goes to Ed and tells him that they have to do something about the car’s windshield. They decide to create a second accident with the car to cover up the first one so that they can get the car fixed and then their issue will be resolved.

This was a much better episode then last week’s as we had a lot more information as well as more movement on the main mafia story. We are starting to care about the character’s a little more, but Ed and Peggy are still a little bit of an enigma . There was more talk of UFO’s briefly by one of the townsfolk, but we are mostly just pretending that part of “Fargo” isn’t happening. Episode grade: B

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