‘Scorpion’ season 2, episode 6 review: Walter unravels, almost kills Toby


ScorpionSylvester hasn’t told Walter that Megan had a pretty serious procedure done and even though Walter has had some movement forward in being more sensitive to other people’s feelings, we think his feelings are going to be extremely hurt when he learns that no one told him that his sister was having this procedure done. We also saw Toby decide to give up on his love for Happy in the last episode of “Scorpion” – how is she going to feel about this? Let’s see what happens tonight.

We have a supersized episode of “Scorpion” tonight as it is an hour and a half and there is a lot happening! Walter heads to a social gathering the night before he launches a new tech for a company and a woman named Stella serves him up a Long Island Iced tea, leaving him missing in action the next day for their mission. They find him passed out on the floor of his hotel room and his sheets smelling of perfume… needless to say Paige is not impressed that he may have hooked up with Stella and Walter is not impressed that he lost control. There is even more pressure on Walter, because the mission this week is for Richard – the super billionaire that Walter wants to impress. Walter has been working on this tech for Richard for weeks!

When he finally gets to the mission, everything goes very badly as there is a worm attacking the system he installed, there’s a fire in the building and there are children locked in a room that’s on fire. Walter thinks that Stella might be involved in planting the virus since she was the only other person that was in his room with his computer when he updated the tech. When questioned, Stella denies everything, but she did drug him for a guy from inside the company that is trying to frame Walter and his tech for everything going wrong. Why is this happening? This man is trying to ruin the launch of Richard’s new tech and it really doesn’t have anything to do with Walter.

Happy is smiling a lot lately and while Sylvester doesn’t believe that it’s not effecting Toby, he’s holding strong that he’s kicked his Happy habit, but she ends up showing her feelings for Toby during the mission. Toby is trapped in a room that’s on fire and Walter suggests sucking all the air out of the room to put out the fire and save the control panel. Happy screams at Walter not to do it since it will kill Toby, but he does it anyways. When the flames go out and Toby is unconscious, Walter tries to turn the oxygen back on, but it doesn’t work and Happy loses her mind as Toby lays there dying. Eventually they are able to save him and we get to see Happy give him CPR and save his life.

This seemed like a really strange move for Walter since he knows that the entire building is malfunctioning and basically trying to kill them – why would he take such a giant risk with Toby’s life when he knows he can’t trust the building’s system to work? Also, we know that Walter has some social problems, but not even asking if Toby is okay after almost killing him was also really odd, even from him. We were thankful to see Toby call Walter out on taking some serious risks with his teammates life.

While we loved this episode and it had us at the edge of our seats like “Die Hard”, we really didn’t connect with how withdrawn Walter was from his teammates, to the point that he was willing to risk Toby’s life on a computer system that was malfunctioning. It seemed to be really far out of his personality and made him somewhat unlikable to us. He needs to really grow this season if the Walter character is going to win us back after doing something this uneasy and we hope that he will also have to earn Toby’s trust back too. Episode grade: B+

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