‘Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance’ rankings: Do Jeremy Collins, Stephen Fishbach run Bayon?

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It’s becoming increasingly hard to give you new “Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance” rankings on the Bayon tribe, mostly because four episodes into the show, there are still four people on here who have never experienced tribal council. Even the two who have have been lucky enough to escape it for a couple of weeks now.

We feel like there are some missing chunks of the story that are causing us from really judging Bayon fully right now, but we’re still going to do our best using the same criteria as always: Strategy, edit, threat level, alliances, and overall effectiveness.

6. Monica Padilla – It seems a little bit crazy to rank Monica at the very bottom of this list given that she’s part of the original Bayon tribe, but there are two factors persuading us: Her desire to get rid of Spencer (which we’re not sure she has the numbers to do), and the fact that she is a known strategic player. She’s not known as an asset in challenges, and with a few votes until the merge, she could be expendable.

5. Kelly Wiglesworth – If you’re voting on tribal lines alone, Kelly is the consensus pick for first person out on this tribe. Yet, why would you want to vote her out? She’s not a strategist or a threat in any way to stab you in the back. She’s also pretty solid in challenges. Maybe you worry about her getting back with Ta Keo, but with Varner gone that alliance is weakened.

4. Spencer Bledsoe – Let’s say on the off chance that Monica is successful; that’s the only reason that Spencer is ranked at this point. While we were totally off-base with Varner thanks to his edit, we don’t think the show would fake us out twice, and Spencer’s had a great part in most of the story so far.

3. Kimmi Kappenberg – Kimmi has been about as invisible as Kimmi can be at this point, and we honestly have a hard time remembering which tribe she and Ciera are on. If Spencer sides with Jeremy and Stephen and Monica ends up with Kelly, Kimmi could end up being a swing vote. Is she really going to want a tie?

2. Stephen Fishbach – It hasn’t been the best edit ever for Stephen so far. First, it was The Branch. Then, it was Jeremy and him going off to look for the idol, even though Jeremy already has it. We do think that he’s going to make it to the merge; while we’d love to see him win as one of our favorite players ever, eventually the edit’s going to have to turn around for him and show him making more good moves.

1. Jeremy Collins – Jeremy may fall into the same position as Joe Anglim, where he is perpetually destined to out in the first three or four tribal councils after the vote so long as he doesn’t have immunity. The one reason we have more hope for him is because we’ve seen him being so self-aware about how big of a threat he is, even on the verge of paranoia. He knows the value of keeping other threats around, and this could aid him after the merge. Also, that’s an argument for keeping Spencer.

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