‘Blue Bloods’ season 6, episode 4 review: Jamie tackles a new ‘calling’

Blue BloodsBlue Bloods” season 6 aired an episode on Friday night that was about a variety of different subjects: Mental health, disputes between city institutions, and a complicated case regarding informants and the mob.

Admittedly, the latter story was the one we wish we could have skipped over. The truth here is that mob stories are rarely ever that interesting, even when you are involving someone like Erin in them. She did get Vincent to cooperate with her on an investigation, but we’re not sure how many highlights there were here in between. So many of these different characters all feel like the same person, even though we like Vincent more than most.

To us, the story we wish that we had spent some more time on was that of Jamie and Eddie trying to help a young woman who was suffering from some mental-health ailments. Jamie tried everything that he could to help her, but was really not altogether successful. This was meant for the most part to inform viewers about the problems that police encounter in this field; this is a serious issue, but one that is often ignored with even the police officers often just labeling them as “crazy” and casting them aside. There need to be more people out there like Jamie in the real world to help oversee this and make things right.

As for Frank versus the Fire Department, this was largely compelling thanks to one simple argument from Frank: They have similar goals! These people may not always want to admit fault, but they have to work together in some unity to do a good job of protecting the city.

We’d say that overall, this hour was a nice bump up in quality from what we saw last week, and it may be the first episode in a while where the Jamie / Eddie story proved to be our favorite. We like that if it happens as a result of variety, and not a result of some other stories simply not being that interesting to watch. Grade: B+.

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