‘The Blacklist’ season 3, episode 4 review: Does Tom’s ‘I love you’ to Liz mean anything?

Blacklist -Now that Reddington knows that Dembe has been taken, his focus on “The Blacklist” has changed somewhat. He still is looking for a way to take down the Cabal and help clear Liz’s name, but his attention is divided and he wants to find out who took Dembe and how to get him back. Is he going to be successful in locating Dembe and saving his life tonight? Let’s take a look.

Reddington has learned that the man that took Dembe is named Matthias Solomon and while saving Dembe is on his list of things to do, it turns out that Dembe doesn’t need saving and is able to save himself and Vargas. Once Dembe figures out how to get in touch with Reddington, Vargas shoots Dembe and runs off with the information. Is Dembe dead? We are going to be really unhappy if that’s the case – we can’t help but love him.

Reddington and Liz go to Aram’s apartment and he tells Liz that Tom knows she’s in trouble and offered to help Ressler, but he refused Tom’s help. This gets into Liz’s head and Reddington can tell that she wants to reach out to Tom, but he warns her that Tom will be on the FBI’s watch list and that it’s a bad idea. Even though she promises Reddington that she wouldn’t call Tom, she calls him anyway. He tells her that he’s come back for her, to help her and that he’s already neck deep into an undercover mission (to find Karakurt). He ends the conversation by telling her he loves her. Is this for real and can she really trust him now?

Afterwards, Aram goes to Ressler and tells him about Reddington and Liz stopping by, saying that they are looking for the latest Blacklister named Djinn who is a woman who makes any fantasy come true – no matter how gruesome.  She is also someone Reddington is convinced can help them clear Liz’s name, because two of the members that she caters to are members of the Cabal.

Liz gets a meeting with Djinn and tells her that her fantasy is revenge, that she wants to find the people who framed her and make them pay for what they’ve done to her, but the Djinn doesn’t believer her. Liz plants a tracking device on her shoes before she leaves the Djinn. When they find her, Reddington reveals that this woman is not the Djinn and pushes her to sell out the actual Djinn… which she does. When they get to the actual Djinn, Reddington asks for her journal – a list of client names. So what does he do with the journal? As he and Liz are flying away in a helicopter, he leaves the Djinn behind and drops the journal at Ressler’s feet, but he tears one page out.

This episode of “The Blacklist” had it all: Great Reddington and Liz moments, Tom swooping in like the hero he wants to be, and a fascinating blacklister. The one thing we would like to see change is Ressler’s role in all of this since we are now 4 episodes in and he’s in this role of the cop who’s always two steps behind. We would like to see something more for him since we know how smart he is. Episode grade: A-

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