‘Criminal Minds’ season 11, episode 4 review: An overly caffeinated Garcia steals the show

Criminal MindsLast week on “Criminal Minds” season 11 we learned a bit more about the new mysterious Dr. Tara. She has been slipping on and off her engagement ring and when asked about it, she said that things are complicated with her fiance. Are we going to have more on Tara or some of the other main cast this week or will this be another case of the week heavy episode?

Like last week, we had very little story on our main cast and instead we had another episode focused on the case of the week. We had two unsubs that had committed a violent crime that included burning down a building with victims inside (six years ago), and now there are two men back at it again in the same town. Why did they wait so long in between crimes? One of these men went to jail for that time and now that he is out, he has picked up a new partner (in jail) and is back at it again.

When one of these men learn that they have a son, it starts to impede his judgement and he leaves a survivor (a man and his young son) at the scene of one of their crimes. This starts to break down the unsub’s relationship and the one who has the son breaks off their relationship to be with his son. Is this going to be his undoing? He rides back to be with his son, kidnapping everyone and holding the mother and son hostage as he promises that things will be different. Our team is hot on his trail, but so is the unsubs partner in crime. Luckily our team shows up in time to save the mother and son, but the unsubs decide to go out in a blaze of glory, shooting at our team over and over until they take them out.

This case of the week wasn’t really that interesting to us and didn’t really feel that believable. A man with a heavy drug addiction and a such a cruel violent past is going to suddenly start having a conscious? We didn’t buy into it. Although we didn’t get too much on our main cast, it was fun to see a overly caffeinated Garcia rambling off information for the case. We love Garcia too much and would love to have an episode this season that focused solely on her – we can’t ever get enough. Episode grade: C+

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