‘The Flash’ season 2, episode 2 reaction: Writers on Tom Cavanagh surprise

FlashAt the end of Tuesday night’s new episode of “The Flash,” we finally got an answer to a question we’ve been wondering almost all summer: What is going to happen with Tom Cavanagh? He was excellent throughout the first season as Harrison Wells a.k.a. the Reverse Flash, and it was therefore pretty clear that the show, if possible, would find a way to bring him back. They’re not reviving the man that we saw previously, so get the whole Lazarus Pit idea out the window now.

Instead, it just so turns out that Wells exists prominently in Earth-2, and seems to be the beloved figure and leader of STAR Labs that he at least pretending to be in the show’s main timeline. Is this really the good Wells, or is this yet another version of Eobard that we have not met until now? There are many questions, but for now, it seems like you may need to exercise patience. Speaking in a postmortem to TVLine, writer-producer Aaron Helbing (who co-wrote “Flash of Two Worlds” with brother Todd) said the following:

“Since we introduce Earth 2, there’s always a possibility we’ll go there … Not necessarily early on, but you’ll see more of it, yes.”

Meanwhile, Todd describes the decision to get Cavanagh back in the fold:

“If it were up to me, I’d have Tom Cavanagh in every show … He’s amazing. It’s such a unique opportunity to have a character that everybody fell in love with and everybody hated at the same time and try to reinvent him in a different way. That was always the plan. It was just a challenge to figure out how to do that and have it be satisfactory.”

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