‘The Walking Dead’: season 6, episode 2 review: Who blew that horn? Also, Morgan the hero

The Walking Dead season 6

Last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” followed the group’s plan to drive a huge horde of walkers away from Alexandria and at the last minute a horn started blasting from the direction of the town. So who blew that horn and why would they do something like that?

While Rick and the crew are out dealing with the massive horde of walkers, Carol, Maggie and the rest of the townsfolk are back at Alexandria trying to get things together. We’ve got Denise as the new doctor, Carol still trying to fit in with the other ladies with her mad cooking skills, and Maggie getting ready to start planting a garden.

Everything seems to be going along at a pretty steady pace, until Carol sees a strange man come into their town and start killing people with a machete, but there’s more then just the one man – there are many of them scaling the walls, killing the town people without mercy and taking prisoners. So who are they? They are the people that Morgan met last season with the letter “W” on their foreheads – the wolves.

As for the horn, there is a transport truck that is driven right into the wall of Alexandria and the driver ends up dead and leaning on the horn. Morgan gets back to Alexandria to help Carol and she realizes that these attackers don’t have guns and it’s now a race to the armory. She gets there before they do and is able to get most of the guns out and arm her people, leaving another woman from the town in the armory to protect the rest of their stash. When Morgan comes face to face with one of the men that tried to take him prisoner last season, he’s able to convince them that this is a war they cannot win since they are armed with guns and the wolves aren’t, so they leave. What a great episode for Morgan! We’ve always loved him, but with just one episode he has become one of our favorite characters.

There was a bit of a weird moment during the attack when Carl was guarding Enid and offers Ron help after getting attacked, but instead he turns the help down out of teenage jealousy. We didn’t really buy into that since Ron hasn’t really been exposed to this kind of violence before and has been living quietly behind protected walls. Outside of that, there was a lot of action happening tonight and even though a lot of our main group was out dealing with the horse, this episode gave us a chance to get to know some of the new townfolk better. Episode grade: B+

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