‘The Amazing Race 27’ episode 3 review: Why isn’t there a non-elimination when we want one?

Amazing RaceFor the second straight episode of “The Amazing Race,” Argentina was the setting! Luckily, we did not mind too much thanks to the various ways that this leg was different than the last. We like the exploration into Gaucho culture, and while this is not entirely new ground, there was an element of fun to this.

We’re going to start off here by discussing the race between Justin & Diana and Tanner & Josh, who seem to be on an almost-different plane than everyone else. We root for #TheGreenTeam just because someone as passionate about this show as Justin deserves a great experience, even though he is not exactly doing a great job of gauging his emotions and getting along with others. He and Diana are extremely effective racers, though, and judging from how he talked at the end of the episode, he’s right about the various ways knowing this show is an advantage. If Tanner & Josh do decide to hit him with a U-Turn next week, they can just U-Turn the team behind them and, provided they make few mistakes, come out of it okay.

One other thing we wonder here is whether or not we are going to see the hamstring injury for #TeamTexas become an issue. That’s not something that goes away, especially if you continue to assert yourself physically. They are going to have to avoid other mistakes to survive!

Most of the teams in the middle of the pack were somewhat boring tonight, other than Denise & James Earl, who squabbled and got a penalty because of how Denise helped him (sort of) in the Roadblock.

Now, let’s go to the frustrating part of the leg: Ernest & Jin’s elimination. This is what we hated about this particular leg. There wasn’t really that much a chance for them to catch up after not catching an early bus to the countryside, and we don’t really know for sure how much they did wrong this leg. While the editors did their best to make it look like there was competition between them and Tiffany & Krista for last place, we never saw the two teams in the same frame. We don’t think that the dancers were hours behind, but our guess is that there was never really any doubt how this was going to end. The lack of competition spoilers what could have otherwise been a fun leg. Grade: C+.

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