‘Shiptober: ‘Faking It’ season 2 further explores Karma and Amy’s future

Faking It -Mrs. Carter: There are few ‘shipper fan bases out there quite like the #KarmyArmy.

We don’t ultimately think it is altogether that difficult to figure out why Karma and Amy on “Faking It” are such a popular couple. If you look at the majority of the other shows on TV, many of them do feature same-sex couples in some variety. However, at the same exact time these couples are using the supporting characters, or the sort where they are the only two LGBT characters and there are no other options beyond them being together.

The situation with this show is different. For one, we don’t think that either character is completely aware of their sexuality, and there are other romantic options that are out there for each. Karma right now identifies as a straight woman, but we have gotten the sense this season that there is an undercurrent of feelings for her best friend. It’s nowhere on the level of the feelings that Amy has for her, but this is something we do expect the show to hint at more later this season. Who knows? Maybe they will rise beyond the unconscious and start to reveal themselves in their actions before the finale rolls around.

Moving towards the end of season 2, the question you probably should be asking yourself is whether or not things are moving fast enough for the two to be a real couple by the end of the season? In the latest chapter of our  CarterMatt ‘Shiptober series, we are taking a deeper look at this idea.

Why it could happen – There are still many episodes left this season, and while it has felt at times like season 2 has been somewhat plodding in terms of its storytelling, you do have to remember that the first season moved the story along rather quickly, from the beginning of the fake relationship to Karma developing feelings for Liam to Amy confessing her own feelings in the finale. There is still time, and we do think that the show and its viewers could benefit from seeing what the two would be like as an actual couple rather than just pretending at times for social reasons. There are still many struggles that they would encounter.

One other reason it could happen? Logistics. Reagan is now gone, and other than maybe Felix, we don’t see another romantic interest coming for Amy. As for Karma and Liam, it certainly looked like he was trying to get back out into the dating pool on this past episode.

Why it may not happen (at least for now) – We do feel confident that these two have a shot at making something work by the end of the series, but let’s remember a couple of things here. First, these characters are really only meant to be 15 or 16, which is pretty crazy when you look at all of the stuff that they’ve done. Also, the show was already renewed for a third season. Since there’s another batch of episodes to explore, why would the show feel the need to rush into their romantic relationship if they have more time to uncover it slowly and organically? They may use this time to further develop Karma’s feelings, and if she realizes that she actually does love Amy in a more-than-a-friend sort of way, she’ll have to pursue her. Right now, Amy thinks that there’s no hope, and she almost hates that those feelings are there.

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