‘The Blacklist’ season 3, episode 3 review: Another virus story, Tom offers help

The BlacklistThe last episode of “The Blacklist” put James Spader’s Reddington front and center as he created a hostage situation to help break his friend out of jail and set him up with a better life before leaving town with Liz. Last week’s episode was one of our favorites of the entire series and it’s all thanks to James Spader’s sexy, smart and scary performance – there’s really no one like him. Now that Liz and Reddington are off wandering the world, Ressler is left behind to pick up the pieces, and this includes a “talk” with Tom. What does Tom want with Ressler? Let’s find out.

Even though they are on the run, Reddington wants to go after the Cabal, expose them and expose the director so that they can stop running and clear themselves (well clear Liz at least). When they get to their rendezvous point to meet Dembe, Reddington realizes that something is wrong since he’s not there to meet them. Because Reddington is so focused on clearing their names, he gets distracted from finding him (but later gets a tip from a friend that Dembe is in trouble). As they go after a Blacklister tonight (that involves yet another virus story), Liz shoots an undercover cop and Reddington tells her that she can never go back to her old life and has crossed over into his world. Is this really true or will she eventually be able to clear her name?

Tom offers to help Ressler find Liz saying that he can work outside of the law to help him, but he doesn’t seem to be interested in Tom’s help right now. For such a big Tom cliffhanger last week, we were disappointed with how that scene between him and Ressler went no where. As it turns out, Ressler doesn’t really need Tom’s help anyways and he is hot on her heels, so Liz calls him and asks him to let her have time to clear her name and he says that he’s coming after her. Cooper on the other hand is willing to take Tom’s help to find Liz.

We liked that even though Reddington and Liz are on the run that they are still hunting down blacklisters, but the idea of a blacklister that wants to unleash a virus on the world is a story that has been done so many times on crime TV shows that we are really just over it. Episode grade: B-

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