‘Shiptober: ‘The Big Bang Theory’ season 9 and the different possibilities for Sheldon, Amy

Big Bang -Mrs. Carter: Is there hope for Sheldon and Amy on “The Big Bang Theory“?

Given how far we are into the run of this show on CBS, we are not in a position where breakups tend to happen on a regular basis. This is especially true for two characters who have spent the majority of the series’ run being romantically intertwined … or at least however intertwined that someone like Sheldon can be with his partner. Their romance has brought new energy into the character, and given us a chance to see a different side of him than what we’d seen in the first few seasons before she turned up.

Now, it comes time to beg the question: Should these two get back together? Is there something more to this relationship that we have not explored? This is the primary point of discussion in our latest CarterMatt ‘Shiptober feature, so take a look at the case we’ve laid out below and vote with your thoughts at the end.

The case for Sheldon / Amy getting back together – They are compatible with one another in ways that they will not find with anyone else ever again. They’re both brilliant, socially awkward, and looking for someone who will challenge them. They also did build something special  between them over the course of their relationship, and we are not entirely sure that the producers of the show are going to give Sheldon anything close to this level of chemistry with another woman. There’s just not enough time in the series unless they decide to suddenly keep it on the air until season 14 or something.

Storytelling-wise, there are still many different threads that can be explored, including what a Sheldon / Amy engagement or wedding could look like. We do know that Sheldon loves her enough to get engaged to her, though he clearly did not do enough to make her feel comfortable in the relationship, let alone be ready to walk down the aisle with him. The producers have gone all-in on this relationship, and it is difficult to see them changing course for too long.

The case for the two staying apart – This is where we have to go into a little bit of unfortunate real-talk for Sheldon. Sometimes, the truth hurts, and the truth this time is that if this was real life, we’re not sure that Amy would even be talking to him anymore. He’s not only annoyed the living daylights out of her since she declared that the two need time apart, but he also publicly shamed her on “Fun with Flags” and in front of their friends. Luckily, no one actually watches “Fun with Flags” in the show’s universe, but what he did still matters. He’s treated her badly at times even before that, ignored her anytime she wants to talk about her feelings, and has never given to her on the same level that she has given to him. He acts like spending time with her is a burden, but something that she should want no matter how he treats her. We don’t want to see Amy be a doormat anymore and if she is going to take Sheldon back, he needs to respect her.

Ideally, you want to see a relationship that goes both ways, and unless things change dramatically, it’s hard to imagine Sheldon ever being there for her in the way that she wants. Creatively, there are also some other fun stories that can come still from a breakup, such as Amy attempting to date other people, Sheldon getting jealous, or what actually would happen if there was someone else who took an interest in Sheldon.

Make sure that you vote in our poll below and leave us a comment on whether or not you want to see these two back together again. If you missed it, you can head over here to see our review of this episode episode of “The Big Bang Theory”! Also, you can sign up here to get some other TV updates on all we cover, sent right over to you via our CarterMatt Newsletter. (Photo: CBS.)

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