‘Agents of SHIELD’ season 3, episode 2 review: Did Fitz save Simmons?

Simmons -Going into Tuesday night’s new episode of Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD,” it feels pretty clear to say that there were some big things that needed to be resolved. We knew for sure that the Monolith had taken Simmons to a galaxy far, far away, or at least hopefully the same planet that we saw Malcolm Reynolds on during an episode of “Firefly.” Hey, we can dream, right?

Saving Jemma was key to the story this time around, and understandably so: If you went too long without finding a way to bring her back, you run the risk of Fitz’s head exploding in panic. Isn’t it sweet? We ‘ship FitzSimmons like nobody’s business, but part of the reason it works is because you don’t just hear words about how he longs for her; he shows her love, which is what he did tonight ultimately by being the one desperate to extract her from her fate. In the end, he brought her back! This wins the award for the biggest tear-jerking moment of the episode.

Melinda May’s choices – In the midst of all the universe-traveling, there was something nice in seeing Agent May have a story that was far more human. She was questioning after her time off with Andrew as to whether or not she wanted to go back. She’s awesome at it, but is being the Cavalry all of who she is? This is the internal struggle we don’t often see. Of course, May will find her way back to being involved, since you don’t just write off Ming-Na Wen like that … but it’s still a super-cool story to see.

Now, someone just better warn Andrew, given that Werner is now getting close to him by enrolling in his class. Hydra is working to rebuild, and in the words of Ward, he wants to make sure that it happens the right way. You already have a reason to fear Ward, so can you imagine if he turns this group into something all the more dangerous?

We are simplifying this story somewhat, given that there are potentially hard times coming for Lincoln and Lance Hunter is on a warpath; for now, our overwhelming glee at Fitz and Simmons being back together is to a certain extent overwhelming. This was a strong albeit predictable episode at times, and we have a feeling the true craziness is coming soon. Grade: B+.

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