‘Fear the Walking Dead’ season 2 spoilers: All about zombies at sea

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At the end of the first season of AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead,” we’d say that the show introduced quite a novel concept! Admittedly, it’s also one that we never really considered at length before now: Sending out some survivors of the zombie apocalypse into the ocean thanks to Strand and his yacht.

In theory, we definitely understand why the show would want to do this. After all, it makes sense that humans would try to do everything that they can to be free of the apocalypse, and out in the ocean it’s always possible that you will not run into the infected nearly as often. Unfortunately for Travis and company, here’s the issue: This is a ZOMBIE SHOW. You’re not going to have an entry of “The Walking Dead” without this element of danger, even if the characters are thinking the right way and trying to spare themselves from danger.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly detailing some of what could be coming up, executive producer / comic creator Robert Kirkman assures that zombies are still going to be a huge part of the show despite the new setting:

Fear is going to be a journey show the way early seasons of The Walking Dead were a journey … Always trying to differentiate the two shows as much as possible, being on the water is vastly different than being on the land. Anybody who’s concerned about there being not enough zombies because they’re on the water – because I’ve seen some people concerned about that – shouldn’t have any worries there. There’s definitely going to be a lot of intense action and a lot of awesome boat stuff. Despite the fact that zombies can’t walk on water and can’t swim, there will be plenty of zombies to be had.”

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