‘Faking It’ season 2, episode 16 review: Are Amy’s old feelings for Karma back?

Faking It -The moment that you saw that Monday night’s new episode of “Faking It” was titled “Faking It Again,” you had to assume that something was going to happen when it comes to Karma and Amy. We’re not sure it was a seismic shift in their relationship, but by the end of the episode, it was pretty clear that Amy was starting to realize that her feelings had never gone away.

This realization came during a few little moments in a PFLAG event, one that Karma’s mother was putting on and was desperate to keep the ruse going about her daughter. She had found such a new-found sense of purpose working for the group that she couldn’t bear for the truth to be revealed. She did eventually take it upon herself to announce the news eventually, and of course nobody seemed to care. It still made for the night’s funniest moment hearing her try to convince these parents that even though Karma was straight, she was still an amazing person and she was very proud of her.

In going back to Karma and Amy themselves, the most fascinating aspect of the relationship right now is the underlying sadness. Amy does not want to have feelings for her anymore. Back during the first season, it was still reasonably okay for her to feel this way because she hadn’t officially been rejected just yet. That changed after the wedding speech. This is why she tried often to duck and cover and deal with other issues, such as her father still being in town and how she eventually decided that it was better off for him to go, since he was really just causing her mother pain and making her feel like he was actually going to change and care about being a part of their lives.

The subplots for this episode were small and almost nonexistent. There was a nice moment in Lauren realizing that her father was trying to be well-intentioned with attending the PFLAG event, and then you also had Shane doing everything that he could to get his mind off of Duke, even though it lead to him talking more about him to a son of a therapist. There was nothing that was altogether astounding or hilarious in either story, and we actually think that it would have been fine if neither Shane nor Liam were a part of this story. Episode Grade: B.

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