‘Quantico’ episode 2 review: Alex Parrish’s name is out there

Quantico -While we had our qualms here and there with the first episode of “Quantico” last week, we did feel like for the most part the show put out a product that they can feel fairly positive about. After all, this is one that brought a variety of interesting twists and turns, beginning with the reveal that Alex Parrish is considered a lead suspect in a mass attack on New York City.

Moving into the second episode, and one thing remains clear: Nothing is getting easier for Alex. One of her supervisors at Quantico, who turns out to also have romantic feelings for her, is turning his rejection into a cause for ruthlessly targeting her. The manhunt for her continues, and many within the FBI are in the process of carefully picking a side and sticking with it. Unfortunately for her, the people who matter are the ones who leaked her name to the press as a potential suspect. With her name out there, things are not going to suddenly become easier for her; instead, they’re going to be far more difficult.

Here is our major issue with the search for Alex: As she points out herself, she would have to be incredibly dumb to have been the person responsible for the attack. All of the evidence points towards her, so wouldn’t the bureau at least be slightly more interested in considering a frame job than they are? You would at least think in theory that this would be the case.

We find the stories at Quantico themselves more compelling even if this place at the moment does have a grown-up “Harry Potter” vibe with us getting to see more of these characters’ daily routines, how they prepare for classes, and of course the typically twins giving themselves the correct bumps and bruises to avoid suspicion. Routine work, right? Sooner or later we do want to see this side of the story take a grand leap forward beyond just the “why are you an agent” stuff, but we will take this for what it is for now.

It’s hard to say that the second episode of the series blew us away necessarily, but we will hand it at least credit for continuing to keep many of the strengths from the premiere going. Grade: B.

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