‘The Amazing Race 27’ episode 2 review: A run to the finish in Argentina

Track Stars -Tonight on “The Amazing Race 27,” did you realize that Jazmine & Danielle were athletes? We feel like you did, since the show chose to reference this about five hundred times! It was included about as much as bad football puns anytime you have an NFL player on this show. We do understand that logic, though; it’s not often that you have women on this show who are this athletic, and it became an important part of the story in Argentina near the end of what was an intense episode. More on that later.

Let’s start by being somewhat critical of the lack of content that the producers are putting into these. It just feels like after the Canadian version really jam-packed the challenges, having a Detour about cardboard, a Roadblock about doing a most unusual tango, and a visit to the church Pope Francis was baptized in, there could have at least been one more small task thrown in here somewhere.

Justin & Diana won the leg, and we’re still figuring out what to make of them. We feel like if we were on the show, we’d have the same unbridled enthusiasm that Justin does about it. The guy BLEEDS “Amazing Race,” and we love him for that. However, he does have to realize that not everyone else feels the same way. He doesn’t seem to have much of a social game, and he’s setting himself up to be screwed over at some point because of it. In particular, he and Tanner & Josh are not going to be BFFs anytime soon.

Also, let’s talk about Tanner & Josh being so desperate to get in a higher place that they hurt themselves in the process. Really just a silly move to go that hard when you know that Justin & Diana had a good lead on them.

The showdown at the end of the episode ended up between three teams who really did not do too much wrong: Ernest & Jin (who we love), Alex & Adam (who we also love), and Jazmine & Danielle (who we also love). Why couldn’t we lose one of the more boring teams? Thanks to some struggles with the male / male teams getting cabs, it looked like they were going to have a chance to beat them in a footrace despite coming out of the Roadblock in last place. This is where that much-hyped athleticism came into play! They found the Pit Stop before the other teams and are still around (albeit with some hyperventilating). Following them, Ernest & Jin managed to squeak by, and yes, we’re hearing about their situation in life about as much as we’re hearing about the track stars being … well, track stars.

We’re bummed losing Alex & Adam, who seemed to be pretty fun guys; unfortunately, we’re not sure that they ever had a real shot to win this race, so we’re at least glad that they had a good experience as long as they did. Episode Grade: B.

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