‘The Flash’ season 2 debate: Is there any hope for Caitlin and Ronnie?

caitlinIsn’t it fascinating how you can know so much about a show prior to its premiere, and yet still almost nothing about one or two key storylines? This is the position that we feel like we’re in going into the season 2 premiere of “The Flash” Tuesday when it comes to Caitlin Snow and Ronnie Raymond.

In a sense, the ambiguity of these two characters’ future started earlier this spring, when Victor Garber was announced as a main cast member for DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” without Robbie Amell. If Robbie is not going to be there as Ronnie Raymond, what does it mean for the future of this character? For a time, we wondered if this was just him having not signed up for the spin-off show yet, but given that it is now October and “Legends” is in production, there is something more going on here.

There is one clear theory out there suggesting that somehow, Ronnie may die once again early on in “The Flash” season 2, which would devastate Caitlin and depending on whatever storyline the show throws her into, begin a transformation into Killer Frost. Doing so would be great for dramatic purposes, but there are two key downsides:

1. How many times do you need to kill a character off?

2. It would be kind of a bummer to see Amell gone from this world, given that his cousin Stephen Amell is Oliver Queen / the Green Arrow.

As for another theory, maybe the series has developed a different path for this character to keep him more on “The Flash” primarily. Since most of his story is tied to Caitlin, would it be that effective to put him in a place where he would only have a few episodes a season to cross over? Maybe this was the thinking of the writers, and “The Flash” will be his rightful home on a recurring basis.

All we hope is that one way or another, Ronnie’s story is effective and serves to further along the narratives of Caitlin and also Martin Stein. There is so much potential for all three of them, and we’d hate to see anything come to an abrupt halt.

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