‘Once Upon a Time’ season 5, episode 2 video: The Dark Swan – Emma confrontation

OUATMy, how the tables have turned on “Once Upon a Time“! Years ago, it was Emma scrambling to figure out how to save Storybrooke from the clutches of Regina. Now, the one-time Evil Queen has to unspool the latest mystery laid at her feet by the Dark Swan.

The sneak peek video below begins with Emma and Henry sharing a conversation, one where she tries to make it clear to him that for the most part, he does not have anything to worry about when it comes to her. She may blame everyone else for their failures in Camelot, but she doesn’t blame him. Hey, at least you can look at this and say that Emma is not completely evil now.

Then, you have Regina entering the picture, and from here she and Emma get into a war of words about whether or not Emma can be trusted around Henry, and then whether or not Regina has it in her to stop what is coming. It is the work that only a Savior can do, and for now, we’re not sure Regina fits that bill. Does she have the potential to do so? We think so, but it will take work and probably some help from those around her. That was the only way that Emma was able to fulfill her own destiny in the first place.

In a way, we do wish the show would cool its jets with the labels of “heroes,” “villains,” “Saviors,” and the like. People are people, right? Still, we get a sense of the effectiveness of labels, and identifying people in such simple ways allows there to be more clear-cut lines between characters. So long as the journey for Regina is interesting, we suppose you can call her a hero, a Savior, or really anything else that you want.

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