TV quick hits: ‘Unforgettable’ season 4 premiere date; Stephen Colbert and John Oliver; ‘Watchmen’ rumors

“Unforgettable” is a show that seems to be living up to its name, at least when it comes to the discussions that the producers are having with networks. No one seems to be letting it go! It was canceled once by CBS, then brought back for a summer run, and then canceled there before A&E gave it new life again. When a network that canceled a great show in “Longmire” brings you aboard, almost nothing makes real sense anymore.

Today, A&E finally announced that the series is going to premiere on Friday, November 13 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time, which is certainly an interesting move. Why on Fridays? We don’t really get the logic there, especially if the show’s going to compete at the very beginning with “Hawaii Five-0,” another crime procedural that is still airing on CBS. If two shows are likely to share a similar audience, these are them.

Want to get some other headlines from today? Here are a few bite-sized morsels that didn’t fit anywhere else right now…

Stephen Colbert and John Oliver talk Trump – Just in case you were wondering why there has not been a segment about Trump on “Last Week Tonight,” we’ve got an answer for you: He couldn’t care less about discussing something that is more than a year away. He’s focused instead on some other important issues that may not get the same sort of attention. He did a great piece this weekend on refugees in Europe, and it is definitely worth checking out.

“Watchmen” TV series chatter – Given that we really did not care for the “Watchmen” feature film, we’re a little surprised that a TV project has even been discussed. Yet, Deadline reports that HBO has at least spoken with movie’s director Zack Snyder on collaborating on a project. Note that this is very early, and we don’t even know what sort of story you could still tell in this universe beyond the film.

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