‘The Amazing Race 27’ episode 4 preview: Trouble for the track stars

Track Stars -When “The Amazing Race” first planned out the leg for Friday night’s new episode, they clearly were thinking with the knowledge the Pope Francis would be coming to America. (Granted, they couldn’t anticipate any controversy.) The remaining teams are heading to Argentina, where we are going to have a chance to see whether or not they can handle a wide array of challenges.

We’re not giving you network-speak here, either, given that this leg is going to have everything from a dance challenge to one that involves picking up recycling. The sneak peek below is all about the latter, and the problem appears to be that there may only be a limited amount of material available. While #TheTrackStars Jazmine & Danielle may be fast, apparently they were not fast enough to get this particular challenge down without issue.

Do we think they’re now in danger? Hardly, given that this is just one out-of-context video from a long episode! This could just be a task that is done at the start of the leg after the grand equalizer known as the airplane ride. If they are gone, it’s probably a big blow for casting, who made a concentrated effort to get a variety of interesting, capable women on this season. We just lost the snarky #TeamTMZ, so getting rid of an athletic all-female team next would be a shame.

Let’s also make it clear that for basically the rest of the season, we’re going into this with the assumption that Texas bros Tanner & Josh are probably going to win. While the dominant all-male team has not won this show in recent seasons, it has been a trend in international versions. Not only that, but it was something that was clearly a pattern back during the CBS show’s early days. It’s boring, but often the most entertaining teams come up short.

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