‘Chicago PD’ season 3, episode 2 review: Should Voight be worried about Lindsay?

Chicago PDWe were expecting a few more episodes on this season of “Chicago PD” to be dealing with Lindsay leaving the police force and the team struggling to pull her out from under the rock she was drinking under, but unfortunately they wasted this rich storyline and wrapped it up in the premiere bringing us back to the normal day to day with this show. Lindsay is back on the force and has separated all ties with her mom.

We started tonight’s episode with Lindsay living back in Voight’s house and cleaning up her act, but Bunny is not giving up on her as she is calling Lindsay multiple times a day. Voight is worried about Lindsay and feels that he needs more help watching her since she hasn’t told Bunny yet that she is ending their relationship, so he asks Halstead to watch over her as well, saying that he doesn’t know or care what their relationship is as long as he can help. He of course says that he will.

Lindsay finally gets her nerve together to tell Bunny that she’s walking away from her, and Bunny lashes out at her saying that Voight is going to get her killed just like Nadia – using her friend’s death as a way to make her break and come back to her, but it doesn’t work. It was pretty low, even for Bunny, but she’s desperate. Bunny files a claim against Voight saying that she has proof that he put away a man for a murder that he’s knows he didn’t commit – she wants his badge. The desperation is smelling up the police department.

After finding the needle in Roman’s gym bag, Burgess goes to Adam and asks for his help. He suggests that she just talks to him and find out exactly what’s going on before decided what to do to help. She does end up speaking to him and he tells her the truth about the needle… He’s helping a kid with Leukemia and needs to take shots to help him.

Olinsky is having difficulty dealing with his daughter since she seems to only want to talk to him when she can get money or help from him, but when he offers real help to get her on a plan to a better life, she blows him off. She shows up later claiming she was robbed and asked for more money, but after she takes it she breaks down and stops being angry at him for not being there for her all her life. Olinsky tells her he’s ready to do what he can now.

We were happy to see that the show didn’t just bury the “Lindsay goes off the rails” storyline even though they ended it a lot sooner then we had hoped. Bunny is still a problem, and the push/pull struggle for Lindsay still remains strong between Bunny and Voight, but we feel that Voight will be able to keep her on the right track… at least for now. Episode grade: B+

What did you think of tonight’s episode of “Chicago PD” and do you like it better now that Lindsay is back with the team? Leave us a comment below and have your opinion heard. If you want more news on the show then head on over to the link here where you can check out some more reviews and spoilers about the show. Also, if you want more great TV news sent your way then be sure to sign up for our weekly CarterMatt newsletter. (Photo: NBC)

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