‘Longmire’ season 5: Could a key character from finale return?

Longmire -We’ve spent some time as of late discussing the epic “Longmire” finale, our hopes for season 5, and a general sense of optimism that we have about the show coming back. Granted, we still feel like it may be some time before we hear Netflix’s decision one way or another. This is not a show that has the same sort of viral spread or mainstream headlines as an “Orange is the New Black,” so they may wait to see how the show performs across an extended time period before making their decision.

We’ll have plenty of other opportunities to talk about the ratings in due time, but what we wanted to share now is a quote from Ally Walker’s interview with Parade Magazine, one that does clearly offer up an indication that she is at least thinking about her future as Dr. Donna Sue Monahan:

“I think there is a possibility that I’m going back, and if you watch it, there’s a really interesting little cliffhanger that you’ll see at the end of this year. So I’m pretty sure I’m going back, and we’ll see what happens.”

As for whether or not Donna comes back as a hero or a villain, that is currently intrigues us. There was a glorious sense of ambiguity over the events of the finale, whether it be the burning of her car, her refusal to give up the name of the responsible party, or the fact that an attacker was able to find Walt at the very moment he was vulnerable. There are pieces of evidence that carry her metaphorical fingerprints, and if she is involved in some sort of drug trade or further conspiracy, one of the first orders of business of season 5 should be to explain it.

One way or another, it feels like a given that you need Walker back for at least the first episode to resolve this. If she’s innocent, maybe she remains in Walt’s life; otherwise, you could see her on the fast track to a local prison while he looks to move forward once again, even though another spirit will continue to haunt him: A lawsuit over the death of Barlow Connally.

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